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IRIS - Integrated Risk and Information System

Connect your building projects with IRIS!

Complimentary consulting

Software for construction industries

IRIS is a cloud platform that uses a modern microservice architecture. With the software you can manage and analyse a variety of projects in one data pool as well as digitise paper-based processes. IRIS works with real-time data and on mobile devices for any project size.


Integrate data and documents from different sources.


Limit, evaluate and analyse risk factors.


Manage, use and structure documents and data.


Web-based and centralised analysis.


IRIS.tracking IRIS.concrete IRIS.pmh IRIS.tunnel

Element Tracking

Challenge: Irregularities in the planning and manufacturing process detected too late have a direct effect on the entire construction process and the completion date for elements with a high degree of prefabrication.

Solution: With the element management in IRIS, the production status can be mapped and documented at any time. Irregularities in the construction process can thus be detected quickly and countermeasures can be taken in good time. All information can be viewed centrally and enables more transparent cooperation.

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Digital concrete ordering

Challenge: Material call-offs/orders are made by telephone. Planning creation is manual. The delivery notes and diaries are in paper form. The information and data are not centrally collected and structured. The processes are not standardised.

Solution: The material call-offs/orders run via configured workflow. The orders are automated. The data transfer of delivery notes and diaries is digital. Data storage is centralised and offers access authorisation. The processes are standardised.

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Project Management Hub

Challenge: Many people are often involved in complex construction projects - this makes project coordination, data management and project monitoring at company level more difficult.

Solution: The more complex a construction project is, the more important it is to have central data management in the project that everyone can access, exchange information, and analyse and monitor project data. All project participants work together in IRIS. At company level, IRIS also enables crossproject management and monitoring of ongoing projects.

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Challenge: Hundreds of measurements are taken daily in mechanical tunnel. These advance data should be available promptly and well prepared.

Solution: With IRIS for mechanical tunnel construction, you have a comprehensive system at your disposal with which you can receive this large amount of data in real time and process it using the analysis tools.

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IRIS Solutions

is a solution with which you can digitise your supply chain. Beginning with the procurement process up to acceptance and documentation.

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is a solution that displays digitally all processes of TBM and conventional tunnelling and even digitise approval processes.

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is a solution for cooperation in construction projects - beyond project boundaries. IRIS.teams supports you on company level in project management and monitoring.

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