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Element Management

Element tracking from planing to approval – everything at a glance!

With the element management in IRIS, the production status can be displayed and documented at any time. Irregularities in the construction process can thus be detected quickly and countermeasures can be taken in good time. All information can be viewed online and enables more transparent cooperation. The data is updated in the system and can be evaluated at any time.

Work model-based

Link elements in the model
Visual overview in 3D model
Display linked plans for each element

Quality management

Maintain element-related checklists
Record and track element defects
Carry out approvals and delegate tasks

Central evaluation

Automatic data evaluation
Current tagret-actual-comparisons with real-time data
Construction progress display also in full-screen mode

Element Management

Irregularities in the planning and manufacturing process that are detected too late have a direct impact on the overall construction process and the completion date. In comparison to analog process monitoring in element tracking, IRIS reduces the risk of error susceptibility.

Range of Functions

The element management in IRIS helps to optimise the control and monitoring process and to visualise it in a 3D model with the help of BIM integration. This provides a holistic overview in which irregularities can be identified at an early stage. The process monitoring thus enables the causes of errors to be eliminated before they can have a major impact on the project. The common data access of all project participants also increases transparency and everyone is comprehensively informed at all times. Through the integration of subcontractors, the construction site and the fabrication can share the condition of each element with the project team. Based on this, deadlines, invoices and shift schedules can be controlled.

Possible additions

Task Management

You can use the task management to organise and structure your processes. Distribute tasks, define responsibilities and timings, share documents.

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Doument Management

Manage all stored files, organise them into a folder structure and give all participants access to documents. So everyone is always up to date.

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