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Facade Logistics

Work transparently together from planing to approval!

IRIS facade logistics shows the daily updated status of the entire process chain. The facade logistics in IRIS enables you to monitor all facade elements on daily basis. With the integration of the BIM Viewer, you can control your processes model-based and object-related on the model, allowing all participants to assign tasks or acceptances directly.

Work model-based

Linking of components in the model
3D visualisation of the facade in status colours
Display plans for components

Quality management

Fill in checklists for specific components
Record and track component defects
Carry out approvals

Evaluate data

Construction progress indicator
Task calender

Facade Logistics

With the digital process monitoring of facade logistics, you maintain a holistic overview – from production through delivery and installation of facade elements to reworking and approval. Thanks to the transparent display in IRIS, delays in the process chain can be detected and eliminated at an early stage.

Range of Functions

For the planning of the construction process, the components are linked to the time schedule. With this, the required material, installation sequence, project status and project progress can be displayed and the underlying supply chain optimised. Delays in the construction process can thus be minimized and conflicts reduced.
The subcontractor and the construction management have access to the current production status at all times, additionally supported by the visualisation in the BIM model. The common database is transparent for all project participants.

Possible additions

Document Management

Manage all stored files, organise them into a folder structure and give all participants access to documents. So everyone is always up to date.

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Task Management

You can use the task management to organise and structure your processes. Distribute tasks, define responsibilities and timings, share documents.

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