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Order material such as concrete quickly and easily in a digital way!

With IRIS, you can make your entire material management transparent - from planning to ordering (via app) to installation on the construction site. Avoid unnecessary telephone calls or waiting times. Simplify documentation and evaluations through digital interfaces and a central solution in the cloud.

Automate processes

Display processes from planning to evaluation
Current status per order and delivery at any time
Customisable workflow with automatic status transitions

Evaluate data

Identify key performance indicators and deviations
Visualisation in dashboard and 3D-model
Comparison of target and actual values

Individual customisation

Role and rights management
Project-specific information e. g. concrete type index
Cross-user dashboards


Switch from telephone ordering without structured documentation and tracking to digital retrieval. With IRIS.concrete, you can digitally order concrete from your supplier and digitise the entire documentation.

Range of Functions

Store your project-specific data in the system, such as the list of concrete types, so that your material retrieval can be carried out quickly and easily. Add individual information to the call-off, such as contact person and delivery adress, and send it to the subcontractor either by e-mail or direct interface. With a system interface, digital delivery notes can be transferred directly and so be easily used in the documentation and evaluation. The dashboard widgets can display additional real-time evaluations and historical data. In addition, we enable you to access and export the data at any time in order to integrate it into other tools.