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Inventory management fast, simple, transparent!

Who borrowed which object and when? This is a common question when construction teams lend inventory objects such as keys or machines to employees. Never ask this question again and use IRIS.inventory – a central digital and paperless inventory management with integrated lending which can be specifically adapted to your construction site.

Automate processes

Automatic and time-saving documentation
Individual adaptable
Paperless real-time data

Central documentation

Clear tracking of loans
View status, availability and history
Unique QR codes for allocation


With the inventory management in IRIS, you say goodbye to a manual and time-consuming documentation about
the borrowing of keys and other items. With the help of QR codes on every item and a list of persons who lend them, the allocations can be documented quickly and easily.

Range of Functions

All relevant inventory objects (machines, keys etc.) and borrowers (construction site employees and subcontractors) are entered in IRIS and displayed with a QR code, which contains a distinct identification number. The QR codes are scanned with a mobile hand scanner and the status “borrowed” or “available” is automatically transmitted to IRIS.
If the code of the borrowing person is scanned, he or she can be stored as borrower of the object. The manual, separate documentation is no longer required.
In IRIS.inventory users receive a realtime overview of all objects, their status and borrowers including history.