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Have construction plans and other documents with you everywhere in digital form!

Have plans available on the move at all times without having to carry a folder full of paper: In plan2go, plans and other documents from project platforms such as think project! and FusionLive are automatically synchronised with your tablet, smartphone or laptop and are also available offline.

Mobile construction plans

View current plans digitally on the construction site
Save time, walking distances and paper
Easy to link with other IRIS modules

Automatic and offline

Automated data synchronisation
Evaluation of metadata
Accessing plans offline


Work more efficiently by eliminating paper and saving walking distances: this is what plan2go makes possible.
By linking the project platforms with Dropbox via the IRIS synchronisation service, you have all plans digitally with you at all times and can access them conveniently from all your mobile devices.

Range of Functions

plan2go stores plans from think project! and FusionLive in the respective project folder of the dropbox. An automatic data synchronisation is performed hourly by the data and process platform IRIS.
Therefore, IRIS queries the current plans with their plan code/title/type, release status and index as well as further information such as working phase, discipline, floor etc. and synchronises this into your Dropbox project folder.
So plans can be used offline and mobile which is especially an advantage on construction sites without reliable network coverage. By using a familiar application like Dropbox, the use of plan2go is very uncomplicated.