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Facilitate your construction processes within the project team!

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Key features

IRIS.teams simplifies collaboration and increases the efficiency of your project team.


Plan and monitor complex processes and their subtasks or simple tasks
Define responsibilities and appointments
Set and monitor the status of each task
Receive notifications about changes and appointments


Configure your own protocol templates
Share protocols with your colleagues
Sign documents online
Store your own layout for the PDF's


File documents with their complete history
Share documents with colleagues worldwide
Assign specific documents to a task


Organise and structure processes and tasks
Distribute tasks to employees and define responsibilities and timing
Everything centrally in one place


Management Hub
Integrated Management System (IMS)

Project Management Hub

Central data storage in the project

Coordination and monitoring of tasks in projects

Use saved templates daily and share them with each other

Share information with IRIS Messenger - about documents, forms, tasks or groups

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Integrated Management System (IMS)

Making methods and instruments easily accessible to all employees

All templates, documents and instructions centrally in one place

User-friendly navigation through the system

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Task Management

You can use the task management to organise and structure your processes. Distribute tasks, define responsibilities and timings, share documents.

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Process Management

Save processes in process templates and reuse them at any time. You can include all participants in processes so that no information is lost and everyone is up to date.

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Use the IRIS forms for your form management. We support you in the implementation of individual forms and reusable templates.

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Document Management

Manage all stored files, organise them into a folder structure and give all participants access to documents. So everyone is always up to date.

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Build your own application!

Contact us complimentary for individual consulting.

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