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Quality Management

Make it easier to lead and steer your organisation!

With the Integrated Quality Management (IQM) in IRIS, you make it easier for your employees to start and implement quality management. All necessary documents can be quickly found and filtered. The newsfeed keeps users up to date on all changes and updates.

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Integrated Quality Management

The management of companies and organisations in a systematic manner often requires the use of a management system that enables continuous performance improvements and takes all needs into account. This includes, for example, quality management, environmental management or safety, health and occupational safety management.

Range of Functions

Thanks to the Integrated Quality Management, the process map and navigation to all necessary documents in IRIS is made possible in a structured way. All necessary documents can be found quickly by the users and relevant contents can be highlighted with individual filters. You can easily filter them by using the navigation on the process map and filtering by criteria such as country or language, etc. The digital preview also gives you access to the table of contents and links to related documents in the quality management. In the newsfeed, users can see all changes and updates at a glance and always stay up to date. The documents can be printed or downloaded by the users in order to use them individually.

Possible additions

Document Management

Manage all stored files, organise them into a folder structure and give all participants access to documents. So everyone is always up to date.

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To easily view all tasks, processes and comments, you can use your personal dashboard to view all information in one place.

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Use the IRIS forms for your form management. We support you in the implementation of individual forms and reusable templates.

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Task Management

You can use the task management to organise and structure your processes. Distribute tasks, define responsibilities and timings, share documents.

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