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Facilitate the implementation of an integrated management system!

With the integrated management system (IMS) in IRIS, you provide the user with all the necessary documents that can be quickly found and filtered. Digital filling ensures uniform processing of the forms. All entered data can be evaluated with different widgets and displayed in a dashboard.

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Simply enter accident reports in the form
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Integrated Management System (IMS)

All documents and forms are stored clearly and standardised in the IMS. So you have everything at a glance – including the evaluation of the data. This makes it easier for your employees to access and use the available documents and forms.

Range of Functions

All documents in IRIS are stored in a structured manner thanks to the IMS. You can easily filter them by using the navigation on the starting page image and by criteria such as country, language etc. In addition, forms are filled out digitally in a standardised way. In the health@safety area, for example, these can be accident forms. The evaluation of this data can be displayed on the dashboard, which is particularly useful for PQs in English-speaking countries.