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Use the multi-project platform IRIS!

With the project management hub in IRIS, projects can be analysed and controlled at project and company level. The special feature is that IRIS is available across projects. Thus, all projects in the company can be managed centrally. Due to the individual integration of IRIS tools, functionalities are exactly customised to your project.


View information on current projects
Current evaluations available at any time
Share dashboards with other users


Overview of all projects, status and responsibilities
One digital project file per project

Data management

Shared data storage in the project
Document history with version overview
Link, share or send files via email

Overview of tasks

Organisation and delegation of tasks in the project
Keep an eye on dates and deadlines at all times
Overview of tasks on the dashboard, in the project or with the calendar view

Project Management Hub

With growing project teams, international cooperation and the organisation of many projects, the demand for a central organisation in the team is growing.

Range of Functions

Participants have access to a common data storage, so that documents and files are stored centrally and accessible to everyone. Tasks can be created and assigned – as part of a process, different tasks can be assigned and executed one after the other by different users. The status of the tasks and processes remains traceable in the Gantt chart or Kanban board. The messenger can be used to start discussions on documents, tasks or forms at the relevant point and to keep track of them all in the messenger.