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is a cloud-based solution for tunnel construction. Use IRIS for conventional and mechanical tunnelling and for quality assurance and documentation.

Data Management

Live integration of tunnelling data
Monitoring of geological conditions
Common data pool for all participants


Real-time evaluation of tunnelling data
Creation of daily reports
Shift data management


Display of the geographical location of the TBM
Integration of navigation data
Visual data preparation and data evaluation


Mobile recording and processing in offline mode
Digital defect management
Digital approval of buildings


TBM Tunnelling Conventional Tunnelling Approval Management Defect Management

TBM Tunnelling

Comprehensive information and data management

Evaluation of data and preparation of reports

Visualisation of live and historical data

Documentation of the shift data and cutter tool changes

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Conventional Tunnelling

Documentation of processes in cyclical tunnelling

Management of support resources

Networking of cooperation between all parties involved

Personnel and device management

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Approval Management

Digital approval of buildings

Customer and requirement specific protocol templates

Editing also in offline mode using the mobile app

Networking of information between customer and client

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Defect Management

Digital recording of defects

Forwarding to competent authorities for repair of defect

Inspection of defect and repairs

Digital documentation of defectmanagement

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IRIS offers a customisable tool for creating diagrams. Whether bar or pie charts – once configured, you get the history for the selected time range.

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Map View

The IRIS.tunnel map view visualises the tunnel geographically. You can see exactly where the tunnel is being built and where the TBM is currently located.

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With IRIS, you have permanent access to live data and can also monitor the tunnelling status. So you are able to react quickly to deviations.

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Navigation View

In the navigation view of IRIS.tunnel the data of the navigation system of the tunnel boring machine is shown.

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