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Plan and supervise
the tunnel construction!

Complimentary consulting


is a cloud-based solution for tunnel construction. Use IRIS for conventional and mechanical tunnelling and for quality assurance and documentation.

Data Management

Live integration of tunnelling data
Monitoring of geological conditions
Common data pool for all participants


Real-time evaluation of tunnelling data
Creation of daily reports
Shift data management


Display of the geographical location of the TBM
Integration of navigation data
Visual data preparation and data evaluation


Mobile recording and processing in offline mode
Digital defect management
Digital approval of buildings


TBM Tunnelling Conventional Tunnelling

TBM Tunnelling

Comprehensive information and data management

Evaluation of data and preparation of reports

Visualisation of live and historical data

Documentation of the shift data and cutter tool changes

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Conventional Tunnelling

Documentation of processes in cyclical tunnelling

Management of support resources

Networking of cooperation between all parties involved

Personnel and device management

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Worldwide in use

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