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Structured data management through IRIS!

The construction process of a conventional tunnel is a complex project. An efficient, digitised documentation of the construction process is absolutely necessary. In addition, the documentation functions of IRIS make it possible to prove to the builder that the work has been carried out in accordance with the contract. The construction diary, daily construction report and additional reports are updated daily and submitted to the client for confirmation.

Digital cycle diagram

Graphical capture in the interactive Gantt Chart
Documentation of all activities and shutdowns
Recording of supporting means, devices and personnel

Create new activities

Insert and save new activities in the daily overview
Entry uncomplicated and directly in the daily overview using the pop-up detail entry function

Dependency matrix

Identify dependencies in the master lists at a glance

Conventional Tunnelling

Up-to-date information from incoming data should be available in a timely and well-prepared manner. This is a basic prerequisite for optimal control of the tunnelling process and thus leads to risk minimisation. IRIS is used to create plans, cost estimates and structures for building objects. On the basis of the stored patterns, you can easily create the templates for the cycle diagrams and make them available to those responsible – even in a mobile application!

Range of Functions

The digital round report is flexible and universally applicable for conventional tunnel construction. The data is recorded in real time and made available to the project management – so that all responsible departments have an overview of the round report of the construction project at all times. With the flexible user authorisation, you decide which project participants have access at which time. Store personnel, shift model and shift for easy data entry. You can also create material lists and enter devices. Device times can also be documented in this way.  The data is processed, transferred and evaluated in the round report. This enables efficient work, documentation and reporting. The evaluations can be made available both internally and externally. The connection of interfaces and the export in xls, csv and pdf format support this.