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Damage Management

Avoid unnecessary delays!

Digitise your damage management with IRIS: record damage to buildings digitally and pass it on to the responsible persons. Avoid unnecessary time delays and keep track of damage recording and repair in the IRIS damage management.

Visual marking

Record damage visually

Automatic documentation

Document every damage record in a PDF file

User administration

Determine who can report damage and who is entitled to inspect

Mobile recording

Recording and checking damage on site with the mobile app

Damage Management

If damage occurs in the course of construction, its repair is both time and cost critical. With the digital damage management in IRIS, you can document damage on site and pass it on to the responsible authorities.

Range of Functions

Digital damage management supports you in recording, repairing and checking existing damage to buildings. When a PDF file is created, the process is automatically documented and available for storage. With the mobile application, you can record damage on site, scan the barcode of the relevant component and automatically insert it into the form. With the damage overview, damage can be recorded and visually recorded. This facilitates repair and inspection. The status of the document in the overview tells you whether the damage has been reported, is already being repaired or has already been checked. You control who can edit what at what time centrally in the user administration. After the damage has been recorded, the restoration can also be carried out with IRIS. With the help of a renovation catalogue it is possible to initiate and monitor the required renovations.

Possible additions

Approval Management

The approval of a building is central in the creation and transfer of relevant information from the customer to the client. IRIS simplifies this documentation.

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Conventional Tunnelling

The conventional construction requires efficient, digitised documentation. IRIS enables the verification of the execution in accordance with the contract.

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TBM Tunnelling

With IRIS, you receive the large amount of advance data live and process it with the analysis tools. This minimises risks and optimises the control process.

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Document Management

Manage all stored files, organise them into a folder structure and give all participants access to documents. So everyone is always up to date.

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