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Manage the information and data flows of your tunnelling!


Within ten seconds about 500 to 1000 tunnelling data are recorded. This results in nearly five million measured values per day. With IRIS for TBM tunnelling a comprehensive system is available with which you can receive this large amount of data live and prepare it using analysis tools.

Navigation view

Display current navigation data of one or more tunnel boring machines in a descriptive manner
Show historical position data
Visualise different measured values from the navigation


Display live data of maschines and tunnelling
Access historical data
Choose the selection and configuration


Evaluate machine and tunnelling data graphically
Add as many data series as you like
Export and send diagrams as PDF or PNG files
Create individual diagram collections

Shift data

Create shift protocols with the easy-to-use input mask
Create standardized shift protocols as PDF for distribution
Evaluate shift data in diagrams and reports
Certain operating states automaitcally prefilled

TBM Tunnelling

Current information from incoming data should be available in a contemporary and well-prepared manner. This is a basic prerequisite for optimum control of the tunnelling process and thus leads to risk minimisation.

Range of Functions

IRIS offers a variety of standard functions for TBM tunnelling: for example, shift data management, navigation view, sensor board or diagrams. These standard functions can be extended by special functions for specific construction sites. This includes evaluation modules such as segment management. IRIS thus offers a customised solution for every construction site.