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BIM Viewer

Work model-based with BIM integration!

The BIM viewer supports all common model formats and extensive, interactive user navigation in the model. The viewer is integrated in the system without pre-installation and is available on all platforms as well as mobile. The elements of the BIM model can be linked to documents or tasks in the applications and displayed in color in the current degree of completion.

Interactive navigation

Use a wide range of tools
Cutting, measuring, markups and much more
Intuitive location in the model


Display elements in status colors
Linking tasks to the model
Show linked plans

Linking element status

Basis for model-based applications
Flexibly link content to model elements
Synchronised view of model and element list

BIM Viewer

Today, complex buildings are first created digitally. A so-called Building Information Model (BIM) is used from the first draft to planning and execution. Model-based working with BIM enables a clear assignment of activities to elements of the building. Misunderstandings, missing or wrong assignments are a thing of the past.

Range of Functions

With the integrated BIM viewer in IRIS, forms, tasks and documents can be linked directly to the model. With a unique ID in IRIS, all information is directly linked to an element of the model. In the visualisation of the BIM model in IRIS, individual elements of the structure can be selected and linked data from the system can be displayed. In addition to the status of individual elements, further information can be linked in IRIS and displayed on the 3D model, e.g. planning documents, photos or target/actual comparisons. The BIM model can also display only those elements that are relevant for your project on a project-specific basis. You can simply hide areas that are not relevant to you.