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Always up to date with the dashboard widgets!

The configuration of dashboards in IRIS enables the combination of different overviews - personal or specific to projects or areas. A number of different widgets can evaluate form statistics, monitor current tasks and processes or display favorite documents on the start page.

Form statistics

Display information graphically
Create evaluations of key figures from forms
Overview of the current form status

Evaluation of current tasks

Get an overview of current tasks
View the status of individual tasks
Create evaluations of tasks in the project or team
Show creator, editor and other task details

Calender view

Display calendar overview
Keeping track of deadlines for tasks and processes


Stay up to date at all times
View news, notifications and updates directly on the dashboard


To easily view the current status of each individual task, process and comment, you can use your personal dashboard to view all information in one place. Dashboards can also be shared with other participants.

Range of Functions

Has the created task already been completed? Is the process you initiated still within the timeframe? Has the process already been started? You get the answer to all these questions in one place – the dashboard in IRIS. You can freely configure which widgets you need, which information should be displayed or even evaluated. Also free is the arrangement and size of the widgets, which each user can design individually and even share with other users. This way, members of the team can also keep track of things. Of course, each user can access different dashboards – project dashboards, personal dashboards or team dashboards.