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Map View

Where exactly is my TBM right now?

The integrated map view in IRIS.tunnel gives you an overview of the geographical location of the tunnel route and the current position of the tunnel boring machine. Live data acquisition keeps you up to date and can switch data on and off in the map view.

Project information

Project name and TBM number
Start and end station / tunnel meter
Current position and tunnelling number

Configure map view

Choose map type
Set zoom level
Determine update interval

Individual map layer

Configure different map layers
Show and hide routes and tunnel boring machines

Map View

With the map view in IRIS you are always up to date while seeng the exact geographical location of your tunnel boring machine.

Range of Functions

With the integration of the map tool into the IRIS solution you can visualise your tunnel geographically. Due to the integration of the surveying information, the planned tunnel route can be displayed in the map view. The integration of the navigation data also makes it possible to visualise the current location of the tunnel boring machine. The location and progress of your tunnel construction is displayed on the map and updated at configurable intervals, if you wish even every minute. The already covered stretch of the tunnel route and the section still to be built are visualised in different colours. With the layer configuration you can also show and hide several routes and tunnel boring machines. In this way, you can stay up to date across all projects.