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Task Management

All in one place!

You can use the IRIS task management to organise and structure processes and tasks. Don't waste time with letters, e-mails and sticky notes to structure your current tasks. Distribute tasks to employees, define responsibilities and timings, and share documents – all centrally in one place.

Task list

Overview of all tasks, their statutes and the person responsible
Individual filtering
Save your own filters and use them again and again

Edit tasks

All important information at a glance in the task details
Manage tasks in the team
Add deadlines, attachments, checklists, reminders and priorities
Create and delegate subtasks


Calendar view for appointment overview
Navigate directly to the task
Filter by own tasks, specific projects etc.


Keep an eye on everything even outside the office
Available in Android and iOS

Task Management

An easy-to-use task management that won’t let you forget anything: IRIS can be used as a central control point, allowing you to see the majority of your tasks at a glance.

Range of Function

Whether simple individual tasks or complex processes that are controlled by different departments. All this can easily be digitally mapped in IRIS. You have the ability to track tasks from start to finish, set and review deadlines and delegate subtasks. All this offers you a comprehensive overview of your projects.